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Veriheal is helping hundreds of new Medical Cannabis patients get their medical recommendations. The demand for qualified doctors who care truly care about patients is increasing, and we are helping to align the need. The Veriheal platform is available for doctors or medical clinics looking to provide medical marijuana consultations. Work from the comfort of your office or home, and provide convenient and efficient care to patients while making additional income.

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Gain hundreds of new patients and increase your customer loyalty pool. Many of these patients are also new to the industry and need advice on what products to buy, where to shop, and how to best meet their medical needs. If you are a dispensary, please sign up with us. You will no longer need to refer patients away and actually embed our appointment scheduler right onto your website for free!

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Do you have patients that you would like to refer to us? Contact us today to find out about our referral incentive program. Partnering with Veriheal means becoming part of the family. For every patient you send our way we will not only incentivize you, but depending on the level of partnership you will be able to gain access and get in front of thousands of patients to promote your products.

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