About Veriheal


Veriheal is dedicated to pushing the traditional limits imposed on Cannabis by creating an ecosystem that can seamlessly connect patients, doctors, and dispensaries. We are a passionate coalition comprising of health-tech doctors, and dispensaries aiding in transforming the channels to enjoy medicine all over the world. We aim to change the image of alternative medicine as we seek to create more ease for all users, more growth in the science, more access for all patients, and more transparency in the industry.


Patient information is the top priority at Veriheal. With this in mind, we use industry leading software to secure your data and keep your information 100% Private, and 100% Protected. Veriheal’s software exceeds the standards set by HIPAA on security, encryption, and electronic medical records. All information collected is stored to allow for authenticity and accountability throughout the ecosystem. All Veriheal data is encrypted with SSL Certificates and housed in Industry Leading Data Protection servers. Our team has decades of experience in the medical industry and has cared for thousands of patients combined, offering these patients the professional, capable service that each deserves.

Doctor Qualifications

All of our physicians are licensed with the State Medical Board in the states in which they see patients. They have been certified to prescribe Medical Marijuana to patients as legally approved from the states in which they consult. Our physicians uphold the highest medical standards within their practice and treat each patient with delicate care.


What We Do: We provide medical cannabis approvals for patients seeking to buy medicine legally. We work closely with our patients, medical doctors, medical marijuana dispensaries, and cannabis community to ensure all of our clients discreet, safe, and sophisticated care.

How We Do It: We are an online recommendation service. To get your recommendation, you must sign up and register on and complete a brief online profile. Upon registering for our service, clients must undergo an examination of pre-existing medical conditions by one of our team’s physicians. You will meet with a physician for 15 minutes, who will then decide if medical marijuana is right for you. Based on your conditions, our physicians will then write you a recommendation. Afterward, you will receive a formal doctor's recommendation from us.

Why We Do It: Veriheal's team members created this platform after finding much stress trying to navigate through the medical program in their states. With the laws consistently changing and doctors being too busy to manage the inflow of patients, they knew there had to be a better option. Since inception, Veriheal has seen and changed many lives by aiding patients in getting their medical marijuana recommendations while also enabling them to make purchases straight from the dispensary.


The cost is $199 and that covers your full medical evaluation.