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Medical Marijuana Appointment


Provide basic medical history and book your MMJ appointment with a licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor. The $199 includes your Doctor Appointment, Physician CoPay, Medical Evaluation, Approval Recommendation and Approval.

Medical Marijuana Doctor


Consult with our marijuana doctor online for 10 minutes to evaluate your ailments, and answer any questions you have about your marijuana treatment. Depending on your state, this can be through online video or in person.

Medical Marijuana Card


Once you are approved for medical marijuana, we email a PDF of your recommendation to you, right away. Depending on your state you will be granted immediate access to dispensaries or wait to receive your card in the mail.

About Us

Veriheal is a Medical Marijuana Group that helps everyday people find cannabis physicians that will recommend them for medical marijuana and get their medical marijuana card within their state. All of our MMJ Doctors work closely with patients, clients, medical providers, and dispensaries to ensure that our all of our medical marijuana patients receive discreet, safe, and sophisticated care. Our medical marijuana doctors are all state licensed medical marijuana physicians that have worked with hundreds of cannabis patients. We believe in the healing power of marijuana and every MMJ patient will get the treatment they seek after speaking with our medical marijuana doctors.


Good service
Very easy process using VeriHeal!
Smooth transition. Already passed info on to others
Very easy process Staff was very helpful the whole time
It’s tough for me to give stars here because the process is not finished. Doctor was nice but I don’t have a license because Maryland is taking a little longer to give me my number. So, it’d be nice if Veriheal had some insight from other patients as to how long it takes in Md. I’ve heard 10 days, a week, 4 weeks. Maryland’s site says it could take 45 days. Perhaps Veriheal has some boots on the ground in MD who have an idea as to how long it takes. Along those lines, I got an email from Dr Jason Ramirez who said he works in Maryland. The email went to my Spam box. Does he work for you? Maybe he knows how long the process takes. Thanks.
The process was very professional and quick. All my questions were answered. I received my card within the time they told me it would arrive.
No hassle and very easy to deal with
Wonderful staff
Very good experience. Was very nervous and everyone was very nice and guided me through the simple process. Planning on using you again next year Thank you
Everyone was so nice and super helpful. Wayne the lady on the chat was a huge help for me. Can’t say enough good about this company. Highly recommend!!!!!
Very easy to talk to, and super informative.
Excellent service! Paid the fee, met the Dr in 3 days and received my card in another 7!!! 10 days total from the day I paid The Dr was very compassionate and down to earth. Couldn't be happier with my experience.
Quick and formal and certified in five minutes. Very courteous.
Best way to go fast and easy. No going to the dr. I told a dispensary about you and he said lots of people would rather do this instead.
Friendly, courteous and helpful.
The process was easy and totally worth it.
My DOCTOR treated me with the utmost respect and understanding. He heard me and understood all of my situations. Thank you!
Veriheal made the process very easy!
Expensive but effortless
Great service! Helpful attentive staff. Doctor was great! The whole process was seamless!
Veriheal made getting my medical marijuana card easy.
Service was awesome throughout the whole process.
Very helpful and made finding a doctor very easy even scheduled the appointment with the doctor for me.
Fast, effiecent and helpful
Everything about the experience was great. No complaints whatsoever. One suggestion. Remember that all people are as computer savvy as you are, especially us older types. Thanks for helping me out. I’ve told all my friends. Hope it makes you some money
Super easy and streamlined. Couldn't have gone more smoothly.
Very simple
Veriheal has helped me tremendously!!! They set my appt up, went to see the doc for 10 min, and got approved the same day. They are fast, helpful, and pleasant!!!
Very simple and smooth process.

What Do You Receive For $199?

Medical Marijuana Recommendation

1-year MMJ Recommendation

24 Hour Approval

24/7 Online Verification

Certification for Medical Cannabis

Instant PDF Download

Certified for Medical Marijuana

Signed Doctor Certification